Move over SmartCar, it’s time for the smart bike to take over! Vanhawks, a Canada-based company, has created what they call the “first smart, connected bicycle,” which gives riders directions as well as alerts to prevent them cycling into dangerous situations.

The Valour is not your typical bicycle. Its carbon fiber frame was designed specifically for urban commuters and references the construction of human bones to relieve pressure on the back muscles, the spine and the buttocks. The structural walls reinforce the critical load bearing points in the frame to endure the roughest roads.

It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the GPS on a smart phone, transmitting turn-by-turn directions to the rider using LED indicators built into the handlebars. The bike also has the first sensor-driven blind spot detector, according to the company. “Imagine looking for your blind spot in your rear view mirror, it’s exactly the same concept,” said Vanhawks cofounder Ali Zahid. Weighing in at a little more than 15 pounds, the Valour is light enough to carry up and down a flight of stairs.

Watch the Vanhawks Kickstarter video below to see the Valour in action: