How were the gardens received?

The general public’s reaction to the hanging gardens themselves has been wonderful. People love it. In articles and news releases, they refer to the hanging gardens as “stunning,” “exceptional” or “beautiful.” Hats off to Patrick Blanc, the genius of the hanging gardens botanical beauty. People that talk to me are always very high on it—very complimentary.

On another note, we have been well received by the architectural community. JTI was honored by Architizer with an  A+ Award for our involvement in the design and fabrication of the hanging gardens. Other folks in the composites and engineering community have all recognized it favorably as well.

It’s funny, most people look at the hanging gardens and ask “What part did you do?” I tell them, “It’s everything you don’t see.”

Do you have advice for companies who want to try or who are embarking on a new, one-of-a-kind project with no previous benchmark?

Specifically talking about composites, I would say that you should be open to new products and services supplied by some really great companies. We spent a considerable amount of time looking at materials that replaced common materials like steel, concrete and wood. Nothing against those materials, but we humans are always trying to find a way to build something lighter, faster and stronger. Composites achieves this for us. Participate in groups like ACMA and expos like CAMX, and get outside of your comfort zone. Also, be a loyal to those that help you learn something new on their own dime. Dance with the one that brought you, so to speak.