How can ACMA members apply this research to their regular operations or support new research developments?

We are very interested in partnering with industry to evaluate the application of this technology in other composite systems and we welcome any discussion with potential collaborators. ACMA members are welcome to come and visit NIST to see our facilities, and discuss how our measurements might be useful in addressing their needs.

The FRET, mechanophore and aquaphore work has been supported by NIST, the Air Force of Scientific Research (AFOSR, MIPR FIATA03239G001) and the Army Research Office (ARO, MIPR 0010401886). The research team at NIST consists of:  Ning Chen, Chelsea Davis, Michael P. Stocker, Iulia Sacui, Jeremiah Woodcock, Mauro Zammarano, J. Alexander Liddle, Stephan J. Stranick, and Jeffrey W. Gilman.