The Guangwei Group and Adesso Advanced Materials have partnered to launch the world’s first recyclable composite fishing rod, made with Recycloset resin technology.

Currently, recycling carbon fiber composite wastes involve pyrolysis of the resin and recovery of the carbon fiber, which is milled or chopped into fibers or pelletized. However, the resin component is lost during this process, and the resins can comprise 35 to 50 percent of the part. Additionally, there is currently limited utility and value in the recovered carbon, making recycling a cost to the industry.

Adesso has developed two products, Cleavamine degradable curing agents and Recycloset recyclable epoxies, which allow the chemical recycling of carbon fiber components at temperatures below 150 C. After it reaches the end of its useable life, the fishing rod can be returned and subjected to a resin degradation in a special chemical solution. The fibers are suitable to be reused as structural reinforcements, while the resins can be reused as strengthening agents in adhesives and molding compounds.

Xiangyang Deng, general manager at Guangwei Group, says, “With the successful joint development, we will penetrate the international market with the green product and contribute to the sustainability development of the composite industry and the environment protection of our earth.”