Two new commercial trucking solutions from Transtex can contribute to fuel savings of more than 10 percent and qualify users for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Elite program. The EDGE Cone gap reducer and EDGE Tail rear fairing are thermoplastic GFRP composite panel products manufactured with continuous fiber reinforcement skins with short fiber and polypropylene core.

The EDGE Cone reduces air turbulence by filling the gap between the tractor and trailer and boosts fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent. The EDGE Cone has fewer parts, installs more quickly, is puncture-resistant and delivers superior turbulence reduction when compared with competitors’ products.

The EDGE Tail extends from the rear of the trailer to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase fuel efficiency by as much as 4 percent and features a 30-inch auto-deploying extension. Like the EDGE Cone, the EDGE Tail has fewer parts and weighs less than similar products. Both are 100 percent recyclable, offer good impact resistance and exhibit little to no thermal expansion.

Because of the weight savings and fuel savings, Marc Bolduc, general manager of Transtex Composite, says “The average carrier will find a suite of [the EDGE] solutions will pay for themselves in under a year.”