The hull and the deck of Jean-Marie Finot’s latest yacht, The Albatros, will be made from Chomarat’s C-Ply, a carbon multiaxial reinforcement. The Albatros is meant to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy sailing, and the C-Ply’s lightweight and strength helps make the boat fast, sturdy and easy to handle.

By layering multiaxials in a monolithic structure and aligning fibers parallel to the length of the boat, the boat’s rigidity can be significantly improved, enabling it to withstand flexion. The pressure of the waves is supported by the boat’s shell, comprised of all of the vertical structures that make up the exterior part of the boat’s hull. This shell must have bend resistance from one longitudinal section to the other, from one rail to the other.

“The combination of different C-Ply reinforcements in a monolithic laminate has a sandwich structure effect that enables a 25-30 percent increase in rigidity compared with the classic reinforcement stack,” says Jean-Marie Finot, Founder and CEO of Finot Group.

The boat’s hull weighs just 61.7 pounds and the deck only 48.5 pounds, with parts that are between 2 and 6 mm thick. C-Ply enables parts to be mass-produced because it can be manipulated without risk during the RTM stage and because it is a drapable material able to be molded around the component. The Albatros is the only boat currently manufactured using this process, says Finot.