Foldable bikes aim to provide flexibility for cyclists, but are often too expensive, difficult to ride and too big or heavy to realistically carry around. But a team in Beijing sought to finally offer a lightweight and easy-to-carry foldable electric bike, aptly named “impossible.”

The bike is made from carbon fiber to be extremely lightweight and durable. The connecting box in the frame’s middle is made from steel. The bike weighs less than 11 pounds and is just 17 inches tall when folded, so it can fit inside any normal backpack. The bike doesn’t have pedals, which may seem like a drawback – but adding pedals or other chain structures would take up more space and make the bike heavier and less portable.

The bike’s designers realized that the only way to make a bike completely portable was to build a new bike design where the frame of the bike was built around circles instead of lines. The “impossible” even saves space by combining the function of the bike seat with the carrying case. The bike can travel up to 12.4 mph for 45 minutes. At slower speeds, the bike can go about 15.6 miles before a recharge.

More information can be found on the bike’s Kickstarter page.