In cooperation with Hungarian engineers, award-winning pianist Gergely Bogányi has developed a new type of piano that features carbon fiber composites. Bogányi’s dream was to create an instrument that would be more “human” than the conventional Steinways that dominate the world’s concert halls; he also wanted to the piano to carry greater clarity and be less susceptible to fluctuating humidity and temperatures.

The Bogányi, named after its creator, is made of carbon composite as well as wood, and employs wild curves to get a more powerful and balanced sound than that of similar-sized conventional models.

The piano was built from scratch and nearly all 18,000 components were rethought. The piano’s two wide, curved legs consist of carbon fiber composite and double as sound deflectors that send the sound towards the audience. Thanks to an intricate mechanism, the strings apply minimal pressure on the sound board, made of over 20 carbon composite layers. The carbon composite material soundboard offers several advantages over wood: it is resistant to temperature change and offers greater resonance, vibration and sustaining power than conventional models.