The new Smart Fortwo car got a little smarter: Automotive supplier Fehrer Composite Components has developed a new lightweight roof in a sandwich-type design. The component is currently the lightest roof construction for passenger cars on the market.

The newly developed component is made from a material mix consisting of polyurethane, glass fiber and paper honeycomb and covered with a thermoplastic outer skin. The standard version of the Smart Fortwo (about 40 percent of all models) is equipped with this roof. The new roof is about 30 percent lighter than the standard roof in the Smart Fortwo’s predecessor model and equally strong.

The roof is a combination of decorative foil, structural PUR fiber-composite layers and a core honeycomb structure in a sandwich-type design. In contrast to standard composite components, this construction does not involve the individual layers being bonded in a complex, multi-stage process, but is produced instead in a single workstep. This allows the component to be produced considerably more efficiently.