During a presentation at the CAMX 2014 conference, Matt Gindlesparger, chief technical officer of Fresh Air Building Systems LLC, noted the direct relationship between air quality and worker productivity. Fresh Air Building Systems offers its customers an active modular photo remediation system – a green plant-based air filtration system constructed from FRP materials – to improve indoor air quality without the expenditure of energy that mechanical filtration systems require. According to Gindlesparger, plant-based systems can remove 80 percent of VOCs from the air stream and reduce HVAC energy loads by 30 percent.

Suppliers are Part of the Equation


At Campion Marine, a single layer triaxial 54-ounce fiberglass mat replaces two plies of a double-axial mat, so spray up of a bio-friendly resin occurs once instead of twice. All of the manufacturer’s boats, such as the Allante line shown here, are built with a bioresin that uses a substantial amount of soybean oil and corn-derived ethanol in its formulation.

Campion’s examination of its supplier base turned up further opportunities for reducing its environmental footprint. “I was pleased to learn that our wire harness supplier was already collecting scrap generated in its process. That scrap is supplied to a manufacturer of industrial hose, keeping it out of the local landfill,” Elliott notes.

Having read about Ford Motor Company’s move to a soy-based foam for upholstery, Campion approached its supplier to see if the material was viable for the marine environment. “Absolutely, was their reply,” says Elliott. “So we made that switch. We continued asking the same kinds of questions of all of our suppliers until we reached the end of our production line.”

The opportunities to execute sustainable initiatives are growing. The end results, a healthy triple bottom line that takes into consideration the financial, environmental and social well-being of the company, provide more than just business success. They also offer a way for owners, customers, shareholders and employees to live healthier lives and gain greater satisfaction in the results.

“We must strive to be good environmental stewards,” says Biddle. “We owe this to the communities we live and work in.”