A new “Advanced Blade Tip” project aims to improve the outer third of a wind turbine blade, the section of the blade that produces the most energy. Blade Dynamics’ high-performance tip is designed to integrate into standard wind turbine blades, creating a hybrid blade that upgrades performance while using existing manufacturing infrastructure.

The blade tip features built-in leading edge erosion protection, has a highly accurate aerodynamic profile to enhance energy generation, is lightweight to reduce turbine loads and to allow blades to be longer and has a lightning protection system. The Advanced Blade Tip both enhances the performance of offshore wind turbines, increasing Annual Energy Production (AEP), and reduces costs incurred through expensive downtime due to blade deterioration and the current need for frequent maintenance.

The project will refine, demonstrate and test the manufacturing technologies used in the tip solution as well as optimize the design of the interface between the tip and the rest of the blade.

“This is an exciting new technology development that can substantially reduce the long-term cost of energy from offshore wind turbines,” says Theo Botha, co-founder of Blade Dynamics.