BASF Corporation and Floatility have partnered for the development of an ultra-lightweight, solar-powered electric scooter consisting of more than 80 percent composite and plastic materials. The scooter, named the e-floater, weighs less than 12 kg (26.5 lbs) and will give commuters the sensation of floating, according to its developers.

“The e-floater combines stability, durability and safety with an exciting, functional design,” says Andy Postlethwaite, senior vice president, performance materials Asia Pacific at BASF. Oliver Risse, founder and CEO of Floatility, adds “The e-floater will play a key role in making short journeys more convenient, quick, affordable and sustainable.”

Various grades of glass fiber reinforced Ultramid polyamide from BASF will be used for most of the e-floater’s structure. Mineral-filled Ultramid B3M6 is used for the parts where low warpage is crucial, and impact modified Ultramid B3ZG8 combines toughness and stiffness for structural parts that have to resist crash-loads. The surface-improved Ultramid B3G10 SI offers high surface quality to the parts despite its high fiber content. In addition, the reinforcement for front body and deck will be made with new Ultracom composite materials to ensure stability.