Sustainable product company Janulus has exceeded its fundraising goal for an entire series of portable wind turbines, known as Trinity. The turbines come with either 50, 400, 1,000 or 2,500-watt generators, and can generate power from wind speeds as low as four miles per hour. The smaller turbines can generate power for your smartphones, and the bigger turbines allow you to generate and store clean energy from your home.

The prototypes of the turbines were made using 3-D printing. In order to ensure the turbines can withstand strong winds, Janulus founder and CEO Einar Agustsson says the final versions will be made of reinforced fiberglass. He adds that for a company still in the fundraising stage, choosing low-cost, high-performance materials is important.

“Fiberglass has been used for a long time for turbine blades and is relatively lightweight compared to other materials,” says Einar Agustsson, Founder and CEO of Janulus. “The weight is something we’re trying to keep down as much as we can.”

According to Angeline Kahn, a former wind turbine engineer and Certified Composites Technician in Wind Blade Repair, fiberglass blades for wind turbines often have a longer lifespan than the turbines themselves. This is due to fiberglass’ high tensile strength and good strength-to-weight ratio.

Fiberglass also allows for plenty of design flexibility. Janulus Vice President Agust Augustsson, Einar’s brother, said the company’s greatest challenge when conceptualizing the project was designing something that could be folded into a cylinder with a built-in battery, which could make the turbines portable and lightweight.

The turbines will cost as low as $399 for the Trinity 50, and as high as $5,999 for the Trinity 2500. If fundraising continues to be successful, Janulus expects to start shipping in early 2016. To learn more about the turbines, visit or the company’s Kickstarter page.