The Port of Port Angeles, Wash. is moving forward with plans to launch a Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) at the composites manufacturing campus in Port Angeles, Wash. The Port reviewed a proposed $97,500 economic development services agreement, which is now expected to be approved Sept. 22. The Port added that the CRTC will operate as an independent, Washington state, non-profit business model which will include a board of directors.

The Center recently made news when Port Commissioner Colleen McAleer testified before Congress on June 9 explaining the benefits of creating the CRTC.

McAleer said in her testimony that local businesses, such as the nearby Westport Shipyard, “can adjust some of their current manufacturing processes to use the very high-grade, eco-friendly recycled fiber to manufacture these components without the use of [energy-intensive] autoclaves.”

Jennifer States, the Director of Business Development for the Port, added the facility will be the first of its kind in the United States that recycles non-cured CFRP waste that has been pre-impregnated with epoxy. The firm will recycle its scrap trimmings at the port’s center and make new items from waste that otherwise would go to landfills.

“They will develop new manufacturing methods and products … including snowboard bindings, surfboard fins and accessories, skateboards and other action-sports accessories,” McAleer added in her testimony.

Construction is expected to start this December, and is expected to be completed by June 2016. Once running, States estimates the facility will create a maximum of 111 direct jobs at the facility by 2021 and a total of 340 direct, indirect and induced jobs by 2022. The building is also expected to host classes and labs at local Peninsula College, as well as create startup space for businesses that would recycle and process carbon-fiber scrap from aerospace businesses.