In a November 17 press release, emerging China-based automotive company 2050 Motors announced the world’s first all carbon fiber electric vehicle, its e-Go Electric Vehicle (EV), has arrived in the United States. The e-Go’s “big brother,” the Ibis, a full-size luxury sedan, is also expected arrive soon in time for 2050 Motors to display both vehicles to a private audience in Las Vegas.

With a total weight (battery included) of less than 1,500 pounds, 2050 Motors says the e-Go has the potential to be the world’s most efficient automobile. The company attributes that to the vehicle’s lightweight, carbon fiber composite body. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and one third its weight. The e-Go was manufactured with a relatively new process using robotic machines, which significantly reduces the fabrication time and cost of carbon fiber components.

2050 Motors adds that the e-Go is the only production line electric car with an all-carbon fiber body, and that it is half the weight of its competitors, including the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3 and the Mitsubishi iMiEV. The e-Go is also incredibly strong, as earlier this year, the company released an independent video displaying that the carbon fiber body is bulletproof.

Earlier this year, both the e-Go EV and the Ibis were revealed to a private Chinese audience. According to 2050 Motors President Michael Hu, both vehicles received rave reviews.

“The China manufacturing plant features the most modern robotic machines and carbon fiber manufacturing tooling, and the unveiling was covered by national TV news media and many publications,” said Hu. “We are excited to make our entrance into the American market, and anticipate another successful event.”

It is planned that the e-Go will be sold with four different battery pack sizes, offering the customer a variety of driving ranges up to and exceeding 200 miles per charge. Early last year, 2050 Motors said that once on the market, the e-Go will have an estimated retail price of less than $35,000 USD.