Luxury car company Aston Martin has partnered with Formula One team Red Bull Racing on a “hypercar.” Aston Martin says the car, codenamed Project ‘AM-RB 001,’ will be a blend of cutting edge F1 technology with Aston Martin’s signature sports car.

“Combining the strongest elements of Red Bull Racing, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Aston Martin, this new Innovation Partnership unites the world’s best aerodynamicists, composite experts and manufacturing masters,” Aston Martin said. “All the parties offer different elite capabilities and the combination of all of those skills, ensuring that Project ‘AM-RB 001’ promises to be an exciting prospect for customers and enthusiasts around the world.”

The hypercar would not be either company’s first foray into composite design. Red Bull’s RB9 racing car features a CFRP chassis. Aston Martin’s Vulcan has a chassis and body constructed entirely from carbon fiber. According to Motor Trend, the AM-RB 001’s chassis and body will have a similar construction as the Vulcan. The luxury car company also has the Q, which features an exterior finish that uses multiple layers of interwoven carbon fiber.

“Between Q by Aston Martin Advanced, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and project partner AF Racing AG, we are going to create a car that will excite and stir the imaginations of the car designers of the future and a global audience of sports car enthusiasts,” said Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer. “These are exciting times for Aston Martin and arriving hot on the heels of our DB11 launch earlier this month, this new partnership underlines that our brand really is racing again.”