Aliancys, one of the leading global companies that sell resins for composite applications, recently published a case study outlining how its resins and gelcoats helped a Chinese ship survive after a major impact.

In March 2015, while sailing on the East China Sea, captain Lin Xiao Dong’s fishing boat sustained a big impact from an ocean freighter. As the case study explains, while the heavy impact ruined most of the top of his boat, the strong hull successfully protected him and his crew. The boat, known as the Minlong Yu, was made by boat manufacturer Fujian Hongye with resins and gelcoats from Aliancys.

“The high mechanical strength of this boat clearly avoided major injuries of the crew and myself,” said Dong. “I know my job has many dangers. But after having been through this accident in good shape, I feel very comfortable at sea with such a reliable vessel.”

As Aliancys explains, this type of vessel is predominantly used for offshore aquaculture and has a dedicated design to accommodate fishing, fish cleaning and cold storage functions. The ship is fast and very light, and consequently has very low fuel consumption.

The company adds that while the ship was used extensively from 2003-2015, it required only minimal maintenance due to its composite construction. In spite of being in continuous contact with sea water, the Minlong Yu remained in good shape and maintained great mechanical integrity.

“We know that with the resins and support of Aliancys we can build fantastic ships, that are strong and can resist the sea water for many years,” says Lin Xiaoyong, General Manager of Fujian Hongye. “We appreciate the great service and technical support we get from the Aliancys team. This helps us to make even better boats and keeps us competitive in delivering new products to the market.”