A group of students from Technical University of Munich, Germany have officially been recognized by the Guinness World Records for their vehicle – the electric- and solar- powered eLi14 – which reached 26,135 miles per gallon. TUfast cars have been regulars in the Shell Eco Marathon since 2011, while the team’s sister group competes in the combustion and electric categories at Formula Student each year.

The vehicle, which is shaped a like a wedge, weighs less than 70 pounds and has a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque. Specifically, the team says the chassis was manufactured with CFRP prepreg materials, including ROHACELL® sandwich materials from specialist Evonik. The team says it used CFRP tooling with a Vacuum Assisted Process (VAP) to make the chassis.

“Basically, you have to consider when a car like three areas,” says Philipp Wurdak, technical project manager of the team TUfast. “The car must be as streamlined as possible build optimally interpret the engine and keep rolling resistance low.”

Composites were also featured in the vehicle’s running gear, including custom-designed and custom-made tubeless CFRP hollow chamber rims.

Lisa Kugler, the driver of the prototype of the eLi14, said the vehicle greatly surpassed the expectations the team had for it. During the record-breaking run itself, the team ran into some issues, as one of the vehicle’s technological components had been inserted incorrectly. However, the team was quick to fix the issue and proceeded to finish with record efficiency on the track at Audi.

“This is our best value we have ever had,” said Kugler. “This is crazy. This is far beyond what we had hoped for. The car [had a] really good run.”

To see the world record itself, check out the video below: