During Lamborghini’s “Excellence in Carbon Fiber” event celebrating the company’s 30-year history with carbon fiber technology, Lamborghini announced that it and Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. have agreed to partner on research and development into the mass production of carbon fiber shells and panels. Mitsubishi Rayon is Japan’s biggest acrylic fiber maker, and according to UHT Unitech Co. Ltd., Japan produces around 60 percent of the world’s carbon fiber.

“Japan is an important market in the development and production of carbon fiber. The long experience of Automobili Lamborghini in the use of composite materials, and its collaboration with leading Japanese companies have led to the development of significant innovations in this area. This combination is one of the key aspects in the field of scientific and technological relations between the two countries and is therefore a source of great pride for both Italy and Japan,” said Italian Ambassador S.E. Dr. Domenico Giorgi.

Lamborghini says this project, entitled “CFRP Press Technologies and Processes Automation,” will lead to higher levels of manufacturing automation that are more suitable for larger scale production, with great advantages in process stability.

Back in July, Lamborghini announced it would continue development of its carbon fiber Forged Composite®. Unlike traditional carbon fiber, which is made up of sheets of materials, forged carbon composite simply uses a paste of carbon fibers that can be molded into a wide array of shapes. The company plans on using forged carbon fiber for a number of different applications, including connecting rods in a V-12 engine.

“By continuing to develop our patented Forged Composite materials, we are able to create a product that can enhance Lamborghini super sports cars in both their performance and their appearance. The ability to leverage this kind of lightweight material gives Lamborghini a competitive advantage that will benefit our cars, as well as the production process, in the future,” said Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini Board Member for Research & Development.