CAMX’s growth is something that resonates personally with Chambers, as his company has been looking to expand beyond the marine market. “To me, CAMX is doing the same thing that we’re doing – [it has] diversified,” says Chambers.

What’s New?

One of the ways CAMX is diversifying this year is by engaging young people through the all-new CAMX Race. During the race, students and young professionals will use their mobile phones to answer trivia questions as they stop at different exhibitor booths. The fastest group with the most questions correct wins cash prizes.

This year’s general session also represents the evolution of CAMX. Instead of a singular keynote speaker focusing on one market, the general session – known as CAMX Live – will include a panel of innovators and industry leaders, a la TED Talks, that will share insights on how composites are changing the world.

One of the speakers at CAMX Live will be Luminati Aerospace CEO/CTO Daniel Preston. He created the company to provide a platform for internet connectivity to billions of people in the world who do not have access to internet services. Preston and his team believe that providing access to information can potentially have the greatest social impact of any engineering program in the world today. He is a composites expert with nearly 120 patents (including patents pending), and his work includes extensive developments in guidance and sensing technologies, materials science, composite fabric technology and ram-air inflated wings.

Renowned architect Greg Lynn also will speak at CAMX Live. Lynn has been a leader in the acceptance and use of advanced materials and technologies for design and fabrication in architecture. Much of his work can be seen in prominent design and architecture museums, including the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. For the past few years, Lynn and UCLA architecture professor Julia Koerner have been exploring the integration of composite materials in architecture with UCLA students.

Rounding out CAMX Live will be Gregory Haye, the general manager of Local Motors’ Materials and Process Development Center of Excellence. During Haye’s tenure at Local Motors, the company has emerged as a leader in 3-D printing composites for automotive applications. Last year, Local Motors unveiled its LM3D Swim, the world’s first 3-D-printed car series, which has impressed policymakers on Capitol Hill.


Dr. J. Gary Smyth, executive director of global research and development at General Motors, presents his keynote address at CAMX 2015. Smyth highlighted the importance of market disruption.