The microclimate chair is very cool because it’s so immersive… . If you look at what an elite player goes through after a game – which is sometimes up to two hours of treatment to keep them from being injured – getting some of that knowledge during the state of play is a huge performance advantage. 

Q: You are clearly very forward-thinking, so where do you see the marriage of composites and architecture headed?

A: It will be a multi-pronged front. For me, it’s getting architects to push the use of the materials. The contractors and building owners aren’t going to push it… . In southern California, all the major architecture schools do immersive, weeklong workshops on composites. I think that’s probably where to start – with the universities.

Q: What can composites industry professionals do to help further infiltrate the architecture market?

A: Getting into the building industry is harder [than other markets] because it’s a very diffuse industry. It’s not like you can just knock on the door of big companies like GM, Ford and Apple. I believe it requires getting into the universities, taking on the right pilot projects and then going to some of the bigger architectural and engineering practices. It’s an exciting industry, but it will take some work to penetrate.