Some of the most exciting exhibits included the uBox, an electric, urban utility concept vehicle, designed by Clemson University graduate students and displayed at Teijin’s booth. Another eye-catching item was a surfboard on display at Connora Technologies’ booth that was made with recyclable carbon fiber/epoxy composites. Many attendees also enjoyed watching Stratasys 3-D print parts at their booth.

An application engineer at Stratasys said that many people stopped by during the beginning of a print, then came back later “like waiting on a pizza to cook.”  Composites One with the Closed Mold Alliance and Magnum Venus Products also attracted crowds with their manufacturing demonstrations of closed mold processes. The demos covered parts for a wide range of applications, including marine, architecture, corrosion, aerospace and transportation.

The CAMX Award and ACE displays also featured some game-changing applications, such as the FRP cladding used on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the first 100 percent digitally manufactured tools in an industrial autoclave setting.

In the spirit of novel ideas and innovation, the event also placed emphasis on young professionals. The event concluded with a lively panel of students passionate about the composites industry who envision a world where composites are as ubiquitous as pure plastics. They also offered insights on what they’re looking for from potential employers: an environment that fosters education and growth while promoting diversity.

CAMX 2016 by the Numbers

• Almost 8,000 attendees
• 1,600 new attendees
• 52 countries in attendance
• 302,000 square feet of exhibit space
• 544 exhibiting companies
• 254 conference program sessions
• 313 expert speakers

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