A company known as Green Magic Homes has developed a sheltered, waterproof home that can be built in any environment. The home modules are made of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and can be assembled and installed by three people in three days. Each home is designed to withstand climate changes and natural disasters.

According to progress.com, the fibers enable the house to adapt to any surrounding topography. The roof of the house can be covered with dirt and vegetation, which means that house owners can grow their own greens. The house can also be covered in snow or sand. The company says the modules are flexible, durable, and can last for hundreds of years with minimal maintenance.

The individual modules have an average weight of 40 kilograms per square meter (949.2 lbs/sq ft) if one takes into account the area of the house as per the floor plan. For example, a 100 square meter house (1,076 sq ft) will have a total weight of approx. 4000 kilos (8,818.7 lbs) of composite material. From another point of view, the weight of the modules per surface area of composite material varies from 10 to 15 kilograms per square meter (237.3 – 355.9 lbs/sq ft) depending on the type of module.

“Components with composite ducts and channels for electrical wiring and water pipes, as well as mechanical ventilation ducts, can be added to the shell at any point necessary,” the company says.

The homes are also eco-friendly, as the company offers options to add a solar system or wind turbine to each unit.

The prefabricated houses come in different designs. The Waikiki design is 404.61 square feet, around 37.59 square meters, and includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. The bigger designs such as the Terranova can include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a garage spot for two cars.