AL_A, a design studio headed by world-renowned architect Amanda Levete, has unveiled a new tower design concept, known as Pitch/Pitch, which would have the firm work with engineering company Arup to stack multiple soccer fields on top of each other.  The design is a response to central London’s lack of viable inner-city sports venues.

According to Levete and her firm, the system would be modular and consist of a carbon fiber composite structure. AL_A says the towers would be quick and easy to install and could be made temporarily for events such as World Cup tournaments. The towers should have a lifespan ranging from just a few days to a year, meaning they could be used to fill sites awaiting development.

In addition to light weight and ease of construction, the designers picked carbon fiber for its aesthetic appeal.

“We’ve designed this intervention to encourage the theatre of the game, with spectators and would-be players drawn in as Pitch/Pitch animates the cityscape,” said AL_A director Maximiliano Arrocet. “Pitch/Pitch allows the game to retain an urban flavor, adapting to the number of players and awkward shaped sites.”

AL_A is currently in discussions to consider how the scheme might be funded and implemented across the city. One proposed site is a vacant lot of a wine store in Shoreditch, east London.

Pitch/Pitch would not be Levete’s first major project that incorporates carbon fiber composites. Last year, Levete unveiled a plan to make a high-tech forest canopy at Melbourne’s 2015 MPavilion. The canopy consists of a series of three and five-meter wide petals made out of ultra-thin, translucent CFRP composites. The structure “sways” in the breeze, responding to the climate and landscape changes.