Slovenian firm Quadrofoil has released an improved version of its QS2 – a limited edition, two-seat, four-legged, electric personal watercraft. The watercraft has been in development for four years and was expected to debut last year, but had been delayed by continuous testing, reviewing, upgrading and fine-tuning of the original prototype.

The foils almost act like wings, helping the watercraft glide on the surface of the water at 25 mph. Quadrofoil believes the QS2 is “almost unsinkable” due to its upgraded hull, which was constructed with composites. The watercraft incorporates glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) in its deck. The seats have gone from pure acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to a combination of GRP and polyurethane for a better seating angle, as well as better neck support and comfort.

According to New Atlas, Quadrofoil says it was inspired by trimaran speed boats, air fighters and race cars and designed the craft to be stable, to have good hydrodynamic and aerodynamic performance and to help with handling.

It takes three to four hours to charge the watercraft, which has 80 km (50 mile) range. Its battery management system continuously monitors their usage and uses algorithms to optimize power delivery. Because it is environmentally-friendly, the Q2 can be used in places that gas-powered watercraft are not allowed.

The company says it is ready for production and that deliveries of a Q2S limited edition version will begin in March 2017. Prices begin at €19,950 ($20,800). The Q2A will follow in early 2018.

To check out the QS2 in action, check out the video below: