“I can say it’s not too much of exaggeration to think that either I’m using or seeing or connected with composites … almost every day,” Smith said.

On the regulatory side, the Congressman also noted his tenure as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, during which the House passed the REINS Act, which says Congress has to approve any regulation that is going to cost the American people and businesses more than 100 million dollars. In the past, the legislation has not passed the Senate, but with Republicans now in control of the Senate, that may change, which could potentially favor the composites industry.

Finally, Smith emphasized the importance of prioritizing research and development as well as STEM education. He noted that included a $1 billion investment into computer science education.

“What we’re trying to do with DOE is to get them to put more money into the right kind of research and development, and I think that is going to indirectly, if not directly, help you all in the future years as well,” said Smith. “The more you invest in R&D, the more you get back in the future. So we’re going to continue doing that.”