The Halls River Bridge is designed for a 75-year lifespan, as required by code, but is expected to last much longer. “The qualification of the durability is still an ongoing science, but we would expect that we would not have any problems with this bridge within 100 years,” says Nolan. The first phase of the bridge will open in June – just in time for Florida’s scalloping season.

Composite Elements in Bridges Across North America
John Busel, vice president of ACMA’s Composites Growth Initiative, outlined the number of bridges utilizing composites in a 2016 presentation to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. There are currently more than 480 bridges in the U.S. and Canada with composite elements, including the following:
• 388 decks (including panel system, superstructure and rebar/grid)
• 63 girder/beams
• 50 parapets, barriers, enclosures, sidewalks
• 20 tendon cables
• 19 panels
• 17 carbon fiber/glass concrete filled arches
• 14 pier (column) fendering systems
• 9 FRP/glulam beams
• 7 abutments/footing
• 4 piling/columns

ACMA Advocates for Infrastructure
From February 7-9, 2017, ACMA and its members will continue to advocate for the increased use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in infrastructure applications by meeting with staffers from various members of Congress and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.