Polish inventor Kris Rogus has created the “FloatSki” – the first ever device which enables the user to walk on the surface of water. According to Rogus, the FloatSki is ready for commercial use.

Rogus, a lifelong rowing and windsurfing fan, has been attempting to make a product that allows you to walk on water since he first tried it as a teenager by attaching two kayak boats. After moving to London in 2003, Rogus spent years trying to turn his hobby into a business.

Each FloatSki weighs 10 kg. All the mechanical parts were hand crafted in Rogus’ workshop in London, where final assembly also takes place. Working with UK surfing legend Tris Cokes, Rogus developed his design, using epoxy resin and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam – while all the mechanical parts were made from carbon fiber.

“I experimented with materials, foams, resins, stability and mechanism to create something light and reasonably fast for the water,” Rogus said.

Rogus says an experienced user can use FloatSki to walk on water at around 5-6 km/hour, and the addition of poles allows the user to get up to 7-8 km/hour.

“It’s designed so you can stay on the water for up to two hours. But people could rent them for 30 minutes, try them out and take a selfie. It’s the first fully functioning device of its kind,” Rogus told Evening Standard. “I asked 15 central London parks to let me try them out and Hyde Park was kind enough to support this small, eccentric business when we tested it in October.  My dream is to see people using the FloatSkis to run on water.”

Ultimately, Rogus’ target market for the product is the 3.2 million people in the UK who actively engage in the water sports industry, including canoeing, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, yachting and power boating.