Honeywell recently announced that its Gold Shield® ballistic composite materials are being used by Glagio do Brasil to create ballistic protective vests for Brazil’s second largest police force, located in the state of Minas Gerais. The material is made with Honeywell’s patented shield technology with aramid fiber. This includes “four fiber and resin piles, consolidated with thermoplastic film to protect the composite package,” according to Honeywell.

As Honeywell explains, global law enforcement agencies are increasingly transitioning to body armor that is more protective, lighter weight and more flexible. The materials should be comfortable enough to wear in regions with varied weather conditions, and they must also be concealable beneath officers’ uniforms.

Honeywell says its Gold Shield product gives the vests the durability and strength they need to meet the strenuous requirements of military vest applications.

“We sought a high-performance material from which we could produce vests that provide military-grade protection, while also being lighter and more comfortable than current models,” said Luiz Paulo Lopes, general manager of Glagio do Brasil Ltda. “With Honeywell Gold Shield, we can incorporate the most innovative armor technology into our products to help protect the brave officers of Minas Gerais.”

Glagio do Brasil manufactures protective equipment for several branches of Brazil’s law enforcement and military, including the Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and the Brazilian Army, Navy and Air Force.

“Honeywell’s global supply of ballistic composite materials helps ensure that law enforcement agencies and militaries have access to the world’s leading armor technology,” said Greg Davis, global business manager for body protection, Honeywell Packaging and Composites. “Gold Shield is the optimal material for law enforcement vests that helps ensure Brazil’s police officers are protected from ballistic threats, while also being able to move comfortably under a variety of conditions.”