According to NACE International, the direct costs of corrosion in 2014 were estimated at $540 billion in the U.S. and $2.3 trillion worldwide. Last week, a major player in the composites industry took a major step in the fight against corrosion.

Thom Johnson Ashland

Thom Johnson, North American Business Manager, Ashland.

Dublin, Ohio-based Ashland has established the Ashland Corrosion Science Center (ACSC) as a new center of excellence to support corrosion applications based on fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP). The company describes the new center as “a forum where industry partners, end users, design engineers and fabricators can work with the Ashland corrosion team to grow the profitability and usability of FRP composites in corrosion resistant applications.”

According to the company, the focus of the ACSC is to define the efficacy of FRP in new corrosion applications as well as to support customers in existing FRP industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, mineral processing, pulp and paper, and pollution control.

That mission will be carried out, Ashland says, through extensive laboratory and field corrosion testing combined with real-world case studies. Dr. Tim Pepper, Michael Stevens, Don Kelley, Lisa Adkins and Kevin Lambrych will lead in those efforts. Lambrych will establish and maintain the direction of the new Ashland Corrosion Science Center.

For nearly 50 years Ashland has been leading in the fight against corrosion with its signature resin, Derakane™, to protect tanks, pipes, pultruded profiles, and ducting from the damaging and costly effects of corrosion.

The news of the center’s creation comes just in time for NACE International’s 2017 CORROSION conference. CORROSION is the world’s largest corrosion conference and exposition, and this year, the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and its members will highlight the use of composites in corrosion resistant equipment in a designated composites industry pavilion. Ashland will be at NACE presenting Derakane™ as well as other corrosion-resistant products in the pavilion.