On Friday, the long-awaited Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner took off for the first time. The 787-10 is the latest and biggest member of the Boeing 787 family of commercial aircraft, and according to Airframer.com, incorporates composite materials from 19 companies, including Hexcel, Toray, Orbital ATK, The Gill Corporation, TenCate and Solvay.

The company estimates that since entering service in 2011, the 787 family has flown more than 140 million people on 530 routes around the world, saving an estimated 13 billion pounds of fuel.

The Dreamliner is the first major commercial airplane to have a composite fuselage, composite wings, and use composites in most other airframe components. Composites are also incorporated in the plane’s window frames, fairing panels, cargo panels, interior components, and passenger door.

Each 787 contains approximately 77,000 pounds of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), made with 23 tons of carbon fiber, much of which is epoxy prepreg with honeycomb cores.

Boeing began final assembly in Charleston, S.C. in December and unveiled the plane to the public in February. According to Boeing, it will deliver the 787-10 to airlines in 2018.

To watch the flight, check out the video from Boeing’s webcast below: