Bugatti and Dutch bike manufacturer PG have unveiled what is being called the world’s lightest (and possibly fastest) bike. The bike, inspired by Bugatti’s Chiron sports car, weighs just 11 pounds thanks to carbon fiber composites. According to Architectural Digest, approximately 95 percent of the bike is made with carbon fiber.

Most composite-intensive bikes feature carbon fiber in the frame, whereas the Bugatti/PG creation features carbon fiber in the bike’s fork, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, crank and brake. The wheels were made by German company Lightweight and THM Carbones designed the fork. The frame of the PG Bugatti Bike was built by Merelli. With over 30 years of experience with composite materials, Merelli has designed, developed and manufactured several best-in-class carbon products for Formula 1 and the cycling industry.

According to PG, all of the high-tensile strength carbon fiber parts are made through a process called P3, short for prepreg performance process. All the parts were manufactured in Germany.

“All carbon components are handcrafted using prepreg materials and methods otherwise found only in the motor sport and aeronautic industries in order to guarantee the lightest weight and highest rigidity possible,” PG says.

Additionally, PG says all frame cross-sections are oversized to ensure maximum rigidity. PG also notes, however, that only 667 bikes will be produced and that the bike is not intended to be used on public roads.