Last week, Alum Bank, Pa.-based Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (CPI), a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, announced it has acquired Augusta, Maine-based Kenway Corporation (KW). Hill & Smith Holdings PLC is an international group with leading positions in the design, manufacture and supply of infrastructure products and services to global markets. It serves its customers from facilities principally in Australia, France, India, Norway, Sweden, UK and the USA.

KW specializes in custom composite manufacturing and field service. The company got its start seven decades ago in central Maine building wooden boats. Over time, KW started producing fiberglass boats and using other composite materials. Today, KW produces a variety of corrosion-resistant and custom-fabricated components like pipes and tanks, as well as products for the transportation, rail, and infrastructure sectors.

Ian Kopp, president of KW, said that over the last 20-years, KW has found itself repeatedly working with CPI, as a customer and vendor.

“We were always very impressed,” said Kopp.  “When presented with the opportunity to join CPI, as part of Hill and Smith’s global composites manufacturer holdings, the decision was easy.  They are a company who shares our values, our business philosophy and our vision for the future of the composites industry.”

CPI has been in business for 43 years. Like KW, CPI also manufactures fiberglass products for the infrastructure sector that are designed to provide lasting performance in highly corrosive environments.

Both CPI and KW are long-standing members of the American Composites Manufacturers Association, where they have worked together on a wide range of activities to benefit the composites industry. Both companies are represented in ACMA’s Transportation Structures Council, which works to develop and promote composites technology and products used in the repair or replacement of transportation structures.

“We have the same visions to grow the industry for the good of all composites and we don’t view fellow composite companies as our competition, but more so traditional materials such as steel, concrete and wood as the true competition,” said Shane Weyant, president of CPI.

Weyant added KW’s products and advanced manufacture techniques are a “perfect fit” for CPI’s strategic focus.

“This will allow us to develop additional composite products and solutions to the end market,” Weyant said.