The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) announced that the month of May is Certified Composites Technician (CCT) Month. CCT is recognized as the only certification program of its kind in the composites industry, and CCT Month celebrates the program’s benefits and contributions to industry professionals, technicians, companies, institutions, and the industry-at-large.

Created by ACMA in 1999 as a response to the industry’s clear need for uniform training and technical skills, the CCT program provides consistent core knowledge for all current and aspiring members of the composites industry. The program is designed to elevate industry standards, enhance production performance, upgrade individual levels of knowledge and skill, and recognize professional expertise. The program offers various program-specific certifications, covering a wide range of processes and products within the composites industry, including cast polymer, compression molding, corrosion, light resin transfer molding, open molding, vacuum infusion, and wind blade repair.

To kick off CCT Month, ACMA held a CCT Instructor course at Polynt Composites’ Application Center in North Kansas City, Mo. The course was an opportunity for current CCT qualified individuals to become qualified instructors. Participants who successfully complete the course are certified to teach CCT study courses and administer the CCT exams to candidates. These CCT- Instructors will be able to take the learned skills and provided materials back to their company and throughout the industry to deliver more effective and engaging training. According to ACMA Director of Certification Andrew Pokelwaldt, fifteen enrolled CCT candidates attended the course, the highest number in years.

“Many employers we meet with have employees who don’t last because they don’t have the training they need to succeed,” explained Pokelwaldt, a certified composites technician himself. “By participating in CCT, not only can businesses help themselves by developing employees, but they can also create a pool of experts who can train other employees.”

Tomorrow, ACMA will hold a CCT Open Molding review webinar at 11 am EST. The webinar will provide an opportunity to better understand and review industry standard open molding terminology, techniques and standards. For more information on getting certified in composites, visit ACMA’s Education Hub.