Ohio-based trailer company Airstream is generating buzz after it revealed the “Nest” – a travel trailer with a uniquely compact and streamlined design. The fiberglass Nest design is the brainchild of Nest Caravans, founded by Robert Johans. In 2016, Airstream purchased the Oregon-based company for an undisclosed amount.

According to Airstream, “Nest was early in its development when we found it, but we knew the concept would be loved by a much larger audience.”

The Nest’s exterior shell is made of fiberglass for a strong, lightweight structure. It’s molded in three separate portions: the top, bottom, and rear of the trailer. Fiberglass makes the Nest just as sleek, modern, and aerodynamic as the aluminum exteriors of Airstream’s other trailers. According to designboom, fiberglass also makes the trailer lightweight – just 2,500 lbs.

“For years, we’ve had our eye on small, fiberglass travel trailers,” Airstream said in its blog post announcing the Nest. “In fact, our founder Wally Byam built an experimental fiberglass trailer over 60 years ago. Since then, it’s become more and more apparent that travelers want a new option that’s not just compact but also contemporary and design-focused.”

Airstream says the Nest should be ready to be fully introduced to the market by 2018.