A €1m Irish-built powerboat, the Thunder Child, built by Safehaven Marine, has officially set a new world record for its ‘long-way around’ circumnavigation of Ireland in 34 hours, 1 minute and 47 seconds. The crew, led by skipper Frank Kowalski, travelled with the 17-meter Interceptor-style vessel an average speed of more than 32 knots for a total distance of more than 2000 kilometers. By traveling around all of Ireland’s islands, the trip included long stretches of some of the roughest ocean waters in the world.

According to Safehaven Marine, the Thunder Child is constructed from advanced lightweight FRP cored composites. The vessel is designed for naval, law enforcement and offshore patrol applications, as well as high-speed search and rescue operations.

The Thunder Child has an innovative and unique hull form that allows it to operate in two distinct modes, fully-planing and wave piercing. As Safehaven Marine explains:

“The hull design hull design combines a constant dead rise deep V hull form incorporating twin chines capable of 60kts with a wave piercing bow form. A 24 degree dead rise at the transom transitions to a wave piercing bow, with a super fine wave cutting waterline entry designed to run clear of the water at very high speeds, but which can be bought into dramatic effect with adjustable trim control to very effectively minimizes vertical accelerations at speed in waves, thereby maximizing crew endurance.”

The company adds that the hull provides high levels of seakeeping abilities on all courses. The design is fully self-righting and is capable of recovering after capsize by a large breaking sea. Another unique feature is the bow buoyancy control fins used to increase buoyancy at sea, preventing excessive submersion. The craft’s fins are adjustable for wave height and craft speed.

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