The Ordos City government in Inner Mongolia has commissioned a futuristic concept by London-based architect Margot Krasojevic for incredible footbridge concept that resembles a robotic dragonfly.

Once complete, the footbridge will have the ability to fold up for transport as well as to adapt itself to its surroundings, which would allow it to move up and down Mongolia’s Wulan Mulun River through onboard sails or by tow. Screw-in moorings, along with 9-ton anchors, are also used to ensure stability and prevent the structure from drifting away.

According to MailOnline, the bridge consists of a main floating section that supports three expanding walkways and a triple sail with an aluminum frame clad with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). They are suspended from a rotating Mobius ballast chamber which is hydraulically operated by a thruster to rotate and fill with water in order to revolve the sail and relocate the bridge. It consists of five ballast tanks which fill with water and which rotate the sail from horizontal to vertical. The other four tanks are left filled with air so that the sail remains buoyant when used either as a bridge or sailed to a new position.

“The revolving sail bridge tries to define a new typology for a bridge, which synthesizes movement and flexibility like a yacht,” Krasojevic told MailOnline. “The structure is shown at different scales with all the configurations of walkways expanded giving an idea of flexibility and location.”

Krasojevic says she attempted to design a bridge so it adapts to the “changing urban fabric” to reflect a city’s constantly fluctuating population and programmatic density.

“Why should it be stationary?” Krasojevic asks. “Why can’t it have another use when it is not a bridge?”