“What [Antonic] has done is take the standard of pultrusion and taken it to a whole new level,” says John Busel, vice president of the Composites Growth Initiative at ACMA. “His vision wasn’t just to impact the U.S., but globally in third world countries, where construction is a hard thing to do.” Many of these countries face the constant possibility of being ravaged by natural disasters. Antonic says his technology helps withstand hurricane and tornado force winds greater than 350 mph.

The last speaker of CAMX Live!, Kurt Jordan, will be traveling from New Zealand to explain how his country has stood at the epicenter of composite catamaran construction for the America’s Cup. Jordan has engineered composite yachts for the last eight America’s Cups, including two for Oracle Team USA, which won the cup in 2007 and 2013. Unlike traditional boats, these racing catamarans feature carbon fiber prepreg instead of traditional fiberglass construction.

Innovation Park

As always, the CAMX exhibit hall will be teeming with new products and processes at the forefront of the composites industry. In the awards pavilion, you will have a chance to see Local Motors’ self-driving, autonomous 3-D printed car; Vartega’s first-ever composite overwrapped pressure vessel made with recycled continuous carbon fiber; and a demonstrator of IACMI’s 9-meter wind turbine blade. There also will be some 3-D printed molds for boats. And like last year, you will not want to miss the live manufacturing demonstrations happening on the show floor at the “Lean Mean Molding Machine,” an area co-produced by Composites One, Magnum Venus Products and the Closed Mold Alliance.


Once again, the exhibit hall will feature the Lean Mean Molding Machine, which will be open through the duration of the event for live manufacturing demonstrations. Photo Credit: CAMX