However, what truly sets this year’s CAMX apart from other industry conferences is the addition of Innovation Park, located in the center of the exhibit hall. Innovation Park was created to provide attendees with the option to do more than simply walk around a hall, look at products and equipment, and sit in a classroom.

The park is comprised of four specialized “zones” tailored to the learning, networking and inspirational needs of CAMX attendees. Inside the park’s Consultants Corner, attendees can get trustworthy, constructive answers to important questions from industry consultants and experts. No questions will be off limits here.

Another way for attendees to get valuable information will be through Innovation Park’s Presentation Theater, which will include presentations from exhibitors on their products and services, technical presentations from universities and companies, and more. In addition to new products, attendees will get to learn more about companies and startups new to CAMX in the park’s New Exhibitor Zone and the xC Start-Up Pavilion. These areas will present opportunities to find out what these new companies are doing in the industry and how their work can impact your business.


The CAMX Race, Wednesday, September 13, is an engaging competition that allows university students and young professionals the chance to win large cash prizes for demonstrating their knowledge of the composites industry.

Another great way to network is through Innovation Park’s Connection Zone. Each day, the area will hold specialized meetups for young professionals, educators, chemists, sports enthusiasts and other geographic and demographic niches within the composites and advanced materials industry. Innovation Park will also host “campfire sessions” on trending topics, including workforce development, knowledge transfer, emerging technologies and global trends.