The Digital World

One emerging trend that has had a disruptive impact not only the composites industry, but the global economy, is the increasing use of social media in all aspects of business. While the composites and advanced materials industry may not have been an early adopter of social media, there is value in embracing it.  As attendees will learn during a special panel session during the CAMX luncheon on the final day of the event, social media has value to engineers, researchers and general managers. Everyone in the industry can play a role in using social media to communicate the benefits of FRP compared to traditional materials.

According to Marcy Offner, director of marketing communications at Composites One, the more the industry gets on board with social media, the easier it will be to establish a clear “brand” for composites and generate more business opportunities. By looking at the way social media relates to the industry, companies and individuals, the luncheon panel will raise questions such as how to increase awareness about the benefits of composites digitally, how individuals in our industry are using social media to learn and get ahead, how companies could talk about composites and how the industry can use these tools to better position itself against traditional materials.

“We’re hoping that manufacturers and engineers who are attending will see how social media has worked for some companies and think ‘if they can do it, I can do it,’” says Offner. “We want to show that it is not difficult.”

She hopes that the panel will dispel common myths that some people in the industry may have about social media – notably the sentiment that a tool widely used to communicate casually can’t have business value in a niche industry like composites.

“We want to show that social media isn’t just about the party you went to last night,” said Offner. “It can also be about the boat your company built.”