A popular spot in CAMX’s Innovation Park is the Presentation Theater, where attendees have gathered to hear more than a dozen presentations on topics ranging from additive manufacturing to composites bonding and opportunities in the United Kingdom. Kim Howard, vice president of business integration for Owens Corning, led a highly anticipated presentation on “Marketing & Branding Composites.”

“There are a lot of competitive materials out there —wood, steel, aluminum or concrete – that have a concise approach to marketing. But the composites industry didn’t have a clear message to share with the market,” said Howard, chair of ACMA’s Marketing and Communications Committee. To rectify that, ACMA began developing a coordinated marketing, media and public relations campaign in 2016.

“The campaign is based around educating and raising awareness of the benefits of composites to make sure we are considered as a potential solution against other materials from the beginning, during the selection and design process,” said Howard. “The goal is to build brand awareness for composites.”

Howard provided an update on the campaign, which is aimed at two end user audiences: those with some knowledge of composites and those with lower awareness of the materials and products. Initial work by the committee of ACMA members creating the campaign yielded a couple of overarching branding themes:

    • “Composites – an infinite world of possibilities”
    • “Today, there’s a better way to make things”

ACMA members are excited by the potential of the marketing and branding campaign. “The composites industry has long needed a unified message that showcases the abilities of our products to solve critical problems,” said Barry Myers of Strongwell. “There are plenty of markets that truly need composites but have yet to take the leap from traditional materials. I hope and expect this campaign will be the catalyst to change that.”