Tom Krivickas’ attention was drawn toward AC Power of Carbon’s auto frame that had been stripped of everything but its composite components. “I stopped because of how they display the different components they make throughout the whole body of the car instead of seeing [individual] pieces lying on counters,” said Krivickas of Boat Works of South Windsor Inc. “Great concept!”

Still others were personally inspired. While looking for automated equipment for his company, Wilhelm Rupertsberger of Fill GesmbH says he couldn’t help but stop in front of a snowboard on display at the Huntsman booth. “I stopped because I am Austrian, and Austrians always stop when we see skis or a snowboard!” he joked. In a similar light, Greg White and Alain Beauger of Proslide Technology Inc. admitted that while the live demonstrations were their favorite part of CAMX so far, they stopped to admire RAMPF’s Aria “Fast Eddy” concept car in case there might be a lottery to see who was going to take it home.

While the concept car won’t be driven home by an attendee, everyone in attendance at CAMX is certain to walk away with new ideas and inspiration.