In late November, USA Junior National Golf Team Director Tom Relf announced a partnership with weight training company Swing Balance as an official supporter of the USA Junior National Golf Team and its members.

Many of Swing Balance’s products incorporate patented flexible composite material’s oscillatory technology from Tsunami Bar®. According to Gordon Brown, president of Tsunami Bar, the company’s fiberglass composite products can help junior golfers eliminate injuries during training.

“Tsunami Bar® is proud of the work being done by all of the members of the Tsunami Bar® team, and we are especially proud of the current work being done by Terry Hashimoto and his Swing Balance™ team,” Brown said. “Tsunami Bar’s® patented technology uses fiberglass composite materials in ways that composite materials have never been used before.  Coaches, trainers and professionals in all sports can learn and contribute towards the goal of reducing injuries by learning how Tsunami Bar® oscillation technology can be applied to the training of their athletes.”

Tsunami Bar is perhaps best known for its award-winning barbells, which use pultruded fiberglass to simultaneously flex and oscillate. For golfers, the company played a major role in the development of a new technology – Swing Balance® Laginator. The Laginator is a 30” training device that allows golfers to take their hands on a direct path to the ball while swinging. The practice of swinging this device, with its unique movable mechanism, offers vestibular feedback by combining the sensory systems of hearing, seeing and feeling. Pultruded composites are used with thermoplastic tubes to give unique bending characteristics that enables this training of a proper golf swing. It fits easily in a golf bag or the overhead bin on an airplane.

The Laginator is a finalist in the Most Creative Application category for the 2017 Awards for Composites Excellence at CAMX. From Tuesday through Thursday, the technology will be on display in the CAMX exhibit hall in the awards pavilion. For more information, visit