On March 8, during the Geneva Auto Show, the world will be formally introduced to what is being called the world’s fastest car – the Italian-designed Corbellati Missile.

Not much is known about the company behind the car, other than that is the pet project of the renowned Corbellati family, which has 70 years of experience in jewelry industry.

“Our goal is to create a car with unique performance and unique designs, just like jewelry. The fastest gem in the world.” the company said.

According to the Corbellati family, their upcoming prototyped hypercar will feature a 9.0 V-8 engine that can churn out a shocking 1,800 horsepower and a top speed of more than 310 m.p.h. If the reports are true, the Corbellati family would lay claim to the world’s fastest car.

That level of power would allow the Corbellati Missile to surpass the lightning fast likes of Koenigsegg Agera RS (top speed of 284.5 m.p.h.) and Hennessey’s Venom F5 (top speed of 270 m.p.h.). However, the Missile will face steep competition from more established automotive OEMs working on their own hypercars, such as McLaren, Aston Martin and Mercedes.

Like all of its competitors, Corbellati makes extensive use of composites, incorporating CFRP in almost all parts of the chassis and body panels. The angular body of the Missile measures 15.3 feet long and nearly 6.7 feet wide.

After Geneva, the Missile’s next stop will be the Top Marques event in Monaco from April 19-22. For more information, visit https://www.corbellati.com.