The session concluded with insights from three water infrastructure experts – Danusha Chandy, Senior Engineer of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) Program at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Randy Schumacher from the Vinyl Institute and Jeff More from the Alpine Group, which has worked extensively with the Water Infrastructure Network.

Chandy highlighted opportunities for composites manufacturers to gain WIFIA funding and benefits of program participation. She noted that average projects under WIFIA cost roughly $100 million, which helps offsets some of the fees associated with program participation.

More and Schumacher touched on opportunities for advanced materials that would be available through the proposed Securing Required Funding for Water Infrastructure Now (SRF WIN) Act. The draft proposal would add a new component to the existing WIFIA program that would authorize EPA to spend up to $1 billion over five years on new SRF WIN loans that would be available exclusively to states to pay for projects listed on their Drinking Water or Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) intended use plans.

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