Last week, Hexion along with DD-Compound and Wilson Custom Composites, announced a new “one-shot” manufacturing solution for the marine composites market that combines a recently developed, low viscosity resin system from Hexion with the unique DD-Compound MTI® infusion process. Hexion says the new process drastically saves time versus traditional hand lamination and enhances part strength.

The new low exothermic, low viscosity Hexion resin system – consisting of EPIKOTE™ MGS™ Resin RIMR 235 and EPIKURE™ MGS™ Curing Agent RIMH 238 – infuses in the ambient conditions typical of most marine production environments while maintaining high mechanical properties. When the Hexion infusion system is used in conjunction with the new Boat Runner resin feed line, MTI® suction line, core material and beams from DD-Compound, all fibers and core materials can be impregnated in a variety of layers without problems, in one shot.

“Our novel resin formulation enables a complex infusion of a carbon/XPS foam reinforced marine structure, resulting in an extremely strong and light boat,” says Ann Frederix, Senior Vice President, Epoxy Specialties. “Collaborating closely with our partners at DD-Compound and Wilson Custom Composites, we hope to transition manufacturers from higher cost hand lamination by demonstrating that this new approach yields the highest quality and a perfect carbon surface with increased efficiencies.”

According to Hexion, the new process and products have already been proven in a 40-foot offshore power catamaran, a P1 race boat and Formula One race boats at Wilson Custom Composites.