Universal Asset Management (UAM) says it has become the first company in the world to fully recycle carbon fiber from commercial aircraft. To illustrate this achievement, UAM presented a 3-D printed engine stand manufactured from recycled CFRP from commercial aircraft at the three-day MRO Americas conference last week.

UAM says the resulting second-generation carbon fiber material is fit as raw resource for industrial use in automotive and other manufacturing industries in need of cost-competitive carbon fiber. The recycled CFRP was collected through UAM’s proprietary process, filtered for purity and refined into pellets, and used as raw material for 3-D printing.

“As a world’s first, this achievement extends beyond aviation. UAM is the only company to harvest CFRP from end-of-life aircraft to be re-introduced to manufacturing. We are an innovative technology company that is honored to be recognized as a leader in recycling and sustainability,” said Keri Wright, Chief Executive Officer at UAM. “This unique and proprietary process is an industry first in the total recyclability of aircraft. The possibilities of our applications are only limited by one’s own imagination. UAM, along with its parent company Aircraft Recycling International Limited (ARI), remains committed as the global leader in complete aircraft recycling solutions.”

UAM believes that options for the thousands of aircraft being retired in the next 20 years are boundless due to this advancement.

“The successful delivery of the engine stand is tangible proof of the viability of using sustainable, digital manufacturing solutions in the aviation industry,” UAM said. “UAM will be discussing recycling opportunities and benefits with both aviation and non-aviation companies in the months following MRO Americas.”