Late last month, Yamaha announced that it has developed the TY-E, an electric bike concept that will likely make its competition debut in the 2018 Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Trial-E Cup. The E-Cup is the only FIM-sanctioned event where electric trial bikes can compete exclusively.

The trial bike features a CFRP composite monocoque frame that helps keep its overall weight less than 70 kg (154 lbs). The CFRP frame also provides optimal rigidity and battery storage space. Other features include:

  1. A high rotation type compact high-power motor that achieves high off-road performance with both powerful low-speed torque and extended acceleration
  2. Motor control technology that achieves an excellent response and a powerful feeling from extremely low to high-speed ranges
  3. A power unit equipped with a mechanical clutch that secures instantaneous power and control, and an electric motor and optimized flywheel that realizes excellent traction performance
  4. High-output of a newly designed compact high-output battery pack with compact and lightweight components
  5. Extremely slim styling that does not interfere with dynamic rider action.

Yamaha adds the TY-E is an advanced development deriving from the company’s “Evolving R&D” activities.

“The ‘Evolving R&D’ uses 5% of its working hours at the Research and Development Division, and at the discretion of its staff, is used as an opportunity to provide voluntary and autonomous activities for creating innovation while not being bound by conventional frameworks,” the company wrote. “It is here that we focused on a trial model for competition and worked on its development to help overcome EV development problems such as high output from small sized and lightweight components, and the ease of riding that responds as the rider would intend.”

The TY-E is expected to appear at the Auron in France from July 14-15, and the Comblain au Pont in Belgium from July 21-22.