Graham Dunbar, ST40 Project Manager, said: “We were faced with a real problem in the manufacture of the central core of our high magnetic field tokamak. We approached Rockwood Composites and their fantastic team of engineers were able to find the best solution through an innovative use of composites. I am enjoying working with the team as we develop the technology further.”

The ST40 is the first world-class tokamak controlled fusion device to have been designed, built and operated by a private venture. It is designed to show that fusion temperatures – 100 million degrees C – are possible in compact, cost-effective devices. This has the potential to allow fusion power to be developed for commercial deployment in years, not decades.

Tokamak Energy is an Oxfordshire-based company that grew out of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and was established in 2009 to design and develop compact fusion power plants. Tokamak Energy’s aim is to put fusion power into the grid by 2030.