On the other hand, if Democrats take over one of the Houses, there stands a greater possibility for an even larger infrastructure investment increasing the probability that infrastructure legislation will include provisions directing federal investment in innovative material solutions like composites and increases the possibility that federal research initiatives such as IACMI will continue to receive funding.

As members of Congress return home prior to the election, they are looking to meet with leaders in the community like you. Composites are innovative and provide viable solutions to real world problems. The key to expanding the industry’s footprint on Capitol Hill is for all composites industry professional to develop meaningful relationships with their elected officials. Prior to the election, capitalize on opportunities to meet with your elected officials by hosting a congressional plant tour or scheduling a meeting in their local offices. Better yet, consider attending one of ACMA’s policy fly-ins like our Transportation & Defense Fly-In, Sept. 25 – 26, 2018, or Infrastructure Day, February 2019. Elected officials can only represent constituents if they know the issues their community is facing. Take advantage of this ever-changing political environment and seize your stake in the policy discussion.

ACMA continues to support the industry by meeting with congressional offices about the valuable capabilities of composites, educate regulators to produce regulations that are both feasible and protective and provide information the industry needs to open markets. Several months stand between now and the 2018 midterm elections and anything can happen to give either party a boost in the polls prior to Election Day. One thing remains clear – there is a lot at stake for the composites industry in 2018, and now is the time to act. Are you willing to do your part?